Sunday, May 31, 2009

I had a very nice explore today. Here are some pictures. 

I smell...something. 

Why would I go back in?

O. What is this? 
Surveying my territory. 


I type.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

today i shalls try typoing. MY Hu-sorry anout the capitels-my humanis not bweing helpful todway. i don't have much to say. i can sawy much. this is taking me a verty long time. how does she do  itr so farst?> 

today is the last dose of the medeciune the v-e-t gave mee. that is excything. did you know my medecueine was bright pink? my servents think it whas the same medecidne that they gave MY servent when shee got somethig called lymme diseasee. i have been very welll behavedw about taking it. 

i am incredeabky apoliogetic about my atrroucious typinhg skills


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today is going much better than yesterday. 

Yesterday,  I went to the vet. My servants pronounce it Veee-Eeee-Teeee. I'm not sure why. I know how to spell. Stupid Humans. 

Anyways, I went outside with the humans when they had lunch on the deck. They had some kind of patee from a place called Prance. I don't know where Prance is. Does anyone? 

Well, I tried some of the patee and it was delicous! So I lay on the table and licked the plates. Sadly, I was only allowed to do this when they had eaten most of it. But it was still yummy! I love Prench Patee!

Happy Purrs,


Friday, May 22, 2009

We went to the vet. I hate the vet. Have to wash. Smells icky. Hate it all. 

I growled at him. 

I had been throwing up. So they took me. To. The. VET. And I had a little fever. And they gave me antibimotics. Or something. 
And they are all pleased there is nothing big wrong. But it hurt. 

They poked and proded and STABBED me. Hate. Hate. I need to wash it all off.

This is a horrible day. 


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My person has been very busy. She has neglected to help me type messages to my ever increasing fan database. *tail flick*  I sulked. She obeyed. But it took too long. I have been to lenient with her. We shall have to go back  to person training 101. 

She has not even gotten me a camera. This is unacceptable.