Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sabean brought home Petey yesterday.
I am intrigued. I does wonder, why can I reach him not?


Monday, December 14, 2009

It is quickly becoming winterfying. I can tell. You see, my human act differently. They wrap presents in red and green, and there is always music playing. However, what really tips me off to this change, is the tree.

I know it is winter. And Christmas shall come soon. I like Christmas. I get new presents of excellent enjoyment qualities.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. Winter. Winter is cold. Humans are strange, and have no fur. They put their magic heat blowers on. Evy is happy. Evy lies with tummy against magic heat blower. I am warm.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today, I had a baff. It was the first baff ever that I had.

It was a very stressing experience.

You see, Sabean was painting. I came to investigate. I let out a Wurrup!
Of greeting and rubbed myself against her face, and walking in front of her.
Except her painting was in front of her. And I stepped in it. It didn't look wet.
It was.

Sabean immediately scooped me up, much to my surprise, and brought me upstairs.
She put me in the baff machine rooming area, and turned on the baff machine. It spurted
water out loudly. She went out, and when she came back she had a towel.

I thought she was having a baff. I have never been in this baffing situation before. But, it was
I who was thrown into the baffing machine's heart. The water was warm. And horrible. My feet and tummy got wet. I scrambled out and ran. But the door was closed. I could only run to the toilet.

I did, but she caught me and shoved me back in. I jumped out again. When she was satisfied that I was clean, she wrapped me in the towel and brought me downstairs.

But today was not all bad. I got treats (Whisker Licken' Variety-I adore their smushines), and strokes. I am now going to go asleep. I am curled up. Baffs are very tiring.

I do not plan to go painting again.