Friday, May 22, 2009

We went to the vet. I hate the vet. Have to wash. Smells icky. Hate it all. 

I growled at him. 

I had been throwing up. So they took me. To. The. VET. And I had a little fever. And they gave me antibimotics. Or something. 
And they are all pleased there is nothing big wrong. But it hurt. 

They poked and proded and STABBED me. Hate. Hate. I need to wash it all off.

This is a horrible day. 


Angel said...

Poor Evy! We would help you wash if we were there!

Daisy said...

Oh noes! I am sorry you had to endure such terrible torture. I hope you feel all better soon!

Anya said...

Hi evy
Nice to meet you =^.^=
I also HATE the vet ;)
Take care......
purrsss Kareltje